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05. June 2013

Milchglas - a custom Wintersmith template

I created a new custom Wintersmith template called Milchglas for this site (Wintersmith is a great and flexible static site generator, which I use for this blog)

The new template is based on my previous Snowboot - template but is compatible with Wintersmith version 2.0.*. It has some additional features like paging on article pages, further readings, a tag- and timebased index and pays more attention to SEO-stuff and page speed.

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07. February 2013

Origami. A Pattern Generator - Generative Art.

Generative Art

Time to put some new prints on my walls. Here‘s a little generative thing I’ve created to get the job done - a generator that spits out 18 variations of lovely origami-like figures - all in SVG, so that they'll scale well.

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01. December 2012

Using Magnolia CMS

During the past few months I had a gig at fastforward, one of the most experienced Magnolia CMS implementation companies in Switzerland.

I was involved in the relaunch of Montanara, a provider of wonderful mountain, ski and trekking tours through the Swiss Alps. My primary responsibility was the implementation of the new UX/User-Interface and some e-commerce features.

ux montanara eBusiness

We used Magnolia, a Swiss-made and java-based open-source CMS, to produce the solution. It was the first time I had used Magnolia and this post is about some of the experiences I had along the way.

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11. October 2012

Wintersmith custom template - Snowboot

I had this blog running on an outdated version of Wordpress and an update was on order. Updating a customised WP-Version sucks and I don't really need all the features WP offers so I decided to switch to a static site generator. I had a look at a couple of options and settled for Wintersmith. It is straightforward to setup and easy to customise.

Here are some notes on how I customised this blog using Wintersmith.

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24. August 2012


Based on the work I did for cocomoshi I created this small library called Keystrokes.js. The library allows for an easy and interactive way to display shortcuts and controls.

keystrokes js api in action

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